Monday, 16 September 2013

all about me

         All about me
All about me ?

I am a tongan I was born in new zealand.I am 13 years old go to glenbrae school i like to play rugby league and tennis.I like to play with my friends and i like to do what my friends tell me I don't lie to other people and I don't like to cheat.

My family

my family was born in Tonga my mum likes to cook and my dad like to play rugby and cook.My grandmother like to do sowing and my granddad likes to collects cans.

My school

my school is cool because we get net book and we have sports and my friends don’t lie to other people my school is cool because they share stuff and they encourage other people to to play sports.

My hopes and dreams

My hopes is to be a personal rugby player.My drems is to be a nrl player and a singer.   


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