Tuesday, 10 September 2013

respecting others

Respecting others
Persuasive speech.  
Would you like to stop polluting?
Today we want to stop polluting our environment. We have a big problem in our society,because people throw rubbish outside, on the streets, and in our ocean, and at our parks and schools.
I believe we should stop polluting our environment  because its destroying our neighborhoods, our waterways, and the air we breath.
firstly we should stop polluting because it
The community  must be neat and tidy to stop the germs from breeding.untidy environment will cause some disease.    
I believe we should stop littering because it making our environment dirty in fact it makes it skinks.
I believe we should respecting other and our friends because other people respect us.
I believe that people should throw our rubbish in the rubbish because it can pollute the     
I believe we should respect others because    
I believe that people should respect others because they respect us.
I believe People should respect others Because if they show you respect then the other person won't show respect.
I believe that people should respect other because they won’t respect other when they respect back.I believe that we should not have crime in new zealand.


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