Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Narrative Writing

One stormy night  there was a lonely boy called Jordan and he had no friends.He lived alone with his pet named   Tuscan.His  house was wrecked and it had holes in his bedroom. It also looked like a dump in his house and his fence was busted down, his garden was squashed.  His new neighbors moved in next door and those people were so kind that they came over to Jordan's house and cleaned up his garden, his front yard then when he came home from his walk he looked at his house.  He was surprised that his house was sparkling cleaned as a glitters  and he felt so grateful that what they done.

The next day the people next door came to his house when the boy saw them the next door neighbours came over to his house with food.then the next day they were happy friends Jordan felt like he had more friends.


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